Eliot Charles, PhD

New Company Creation
Eliot Charles, PhD

Eliot is a Venture Partner based in our London office, concentrating on early-stage investments and new company formation. He has held prominent roles in leading companies in the healthcare industry and has a successful track record of venture investing and creating new companies. Eliot started his career at Genentech in business development and later, ran the External R&D Affairs group at Amgen. While at other venture firms in the Bay area, he was involved in the formation of several new companies, including Affymax (AFFY) and Convergence, and joined another, Principia Biopharma (PRNB), as COO. Since moving to the UK, Eliot helped found MiroBio, a start-up out of Oxford University, and is actively working with other SR One portfolio companies as well as looking to create new ones.

Eliot has a BS and MS from the University of Illinois and a PhD in Systems Neuroscience from MIT, where he was a Whittaker Fellow. Following a post-doctoral fellowship from the Baylor College of Medicine, Eliot received an MBA from the University of Chicago.

I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs translate their ideas and technologies into impactful medicines. Leveraging SR One’s platform and broad experience, we’re able to work with entrepreneurs to create exciting new companies and provide strong support and guidance through several phases of growth.