Addex Therapeutics

Addex Therapeutics is pioneering discovery and development of an emerging class of oral small molecule drugs, called allosteric modulators, which can be exquisitely selective for their intended target and confer significant therapeutic advantages over conventional "orthosteric" small molecule or biological drugs. (SIX Swiss Exchange: ADXN)

Aileron Therapeutics

Aileron Therapeutics has defined a new class of drugs called Stapled Peptides, a revolutionary new class of drugs for highly sought after disease areas including cancer, infectious disease, metabolic disease and immune/inflammatory diseases using novel peptide stabilizing technologies. (NASDAQ: ALRN)

Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation
 Applied Genetic Technologies, Corporation (AGTC) is developing breakthrough gene therapies, with focus on orphan ophthalmologic conditions.  Its active programs include inherited retinal disorders (achromatopsia, X-linked retinoschisis, and Leber's congenital amaurosis), acute macular degeneration (licensed to Genzyme/Sanofi) and alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency. (NASDAQ: AGTC)

Asceneuron develops effective therapeutics for orphan tauopathies such as progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), and Alzheimer's disease. By focusing on areas of high unmet medical need, Asceneuron aspires to become a leading biotech company specialized in small molecule drug discovery for neurodegenerative diseases. Our first candidate molecule for PSP is aimed at preventing the formation of toxic tau aggregates by a groundbreaking new molecular mechanism and is currently progressed towards the clinic.

Atox Bio Ltd

Atox Bio is a clinical stage biotechnology company that develops novel immunemodulators. AB103, Atox Bio's lead product, is being developed for severe infections in critically ill patients and has completed a phase 2 study in patients with Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections (NSTI). AB103 has been granted Fast Track and Orphan Drug designations by the FDA and is preparing to initiate its pivotal trial.

Avhana Health
  • 2015
  • Baltimore, MD, USA
  • SR One: Rajeev Dadoo

Avhana Health is a digital health company.  We make software that improves the experience of working with your EHR.  Our software capabilities currently include clinical decision support and electronic prior authorization.

Bicycle Therapeutics Limited

Bicycle Therapeutics is pioneering a new class of therapeutics for oncology and other disease areas based on its proprietary bicyclic peptides (BicyclesTM) platform. Bicycles are a breakthrough new therapeutic class that combine antibody-like affinity and selectivity with small molecule tissue penetration, rapid clearance and chemical synthesis. Bicycle Therapeutics is developing novel treatments for oncology using Bicycle Drug ConjugatesTM to selectively deliver toxins to tumours and collaborating in oncology and other areas to realise the full potential of the technology. Bicycle Therapeutics' technology is based on the work performed at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, U.K., by the scientific founders of the company, Sir Gregory Winter and Professor Christian Heinis. Bicycle Therapeutics is headquartered in Cambridge, U.K., with U.S. operations in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Bird Rock Bio

Bird Rock Bio, fka RuiYi, is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative immuno-inflammatory regulators.  Backed by leading biotechnology venture investors, our strategy leverages biologic targets with substantial human proof of mechanism for the development of novel, best in class therapeutic antibodies with significant clinical and commercial differentiation.

CalciMedica, Inc.

CalciMedica is a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to the discovery and development of oral drugs to treat inflammatory and autoimmune disorders.  CalciMedica's compounds are selective and potent inhibitors of the calcium release-activated calcium (CRAC) channels. 

CoNCERT Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc. creates new drugs by using precision deuterium chemistry to modify the pharmacology of existing and new small molecule compounds to create a treatment benefit. (NASDAQ: CNCE)

Constellation Pharmaceuticals

Is developing novel therapeutics to regulate epigenetic, function for cancer and inflammation.

CRISPR Therapeutics

CRISPR Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company created to translate CRISPR-Cas9, a breakthrough genome-editing technology, into transformative medicines for the treatment of serious human diseases.

Decibel Therapeutics

Hearing loss is the most prevalent form of sensory impairment.  It is estimated that 50 million people in the U.S., and 360 million people worldwide, suffer from some type of hearing loss.  Hearing disorders affect people of all ages and can have a profound impact on quality of life.  By combining recent innovations in hearing science with leading diagnostic tools, biological insights, modeling and therapeutic delivery techniques, Decibel is pioneering a comprehensive approach to defining and treating the underlying biological causes of hearing disorders.

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals is a RNAi-focused biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutic agents and related drug delivery systems in oncology and other disease areas based on its proprietary Dicer Substrate Technology™ platform and Dicer Substrate siRNA (DsiRNA) molecules. (NASDAQ: DRNA)

eFFECTOR Therapeutics

 eFFECTOR Therapeutics is pioneering a new class of small molecule drugs that act by selectively regulating translation, also known as protein synthesis.  The company unites breakthrough insights into the mechanisms of translational control with a proven approach to product invention.  eFFECTOR's initial focus is to deploy translational regulators in oncology.

F-star designs and develops bispecific antibody products to improve the treatment of cancer.  F-star is the only biopharmaceutical company creating bispecific antibodies by modifying the constant region of an antibody.  Our Modular Antibody Technology offers unprecedented ease in the development and manufacturing of genuine bispecific antibody products.
Genocea Biosciences

Commercializing key breakthroughs in vaccine discovery and development. (NASDAQ: GNCA)

Gladius Pharmaceuticals

Resurrecting our safest and most effective antibiotics, Gladius Pharmaceuticals is exploiting its platform technology to add novel mechanisms to β-lactam antibacterial compounds to treat life-threatening infections caused by multi-drug-resistant, Gram-negative pathogens.

HTG Molecular

Provides products for gene expression profiling in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue. HTG's technology addresses miRNA, siRNA and mRNA measurement for clinical research, companion diagnostic and prognostic applications.  [NASDAQ: HTGM]

IlluminOss Medical Ltd
IlluminOss Medical is developing minimally invasive solutions for the stabilization and treatment of bone fractures. The IlluminOss Photodynamic Bone Stabilization System utilizes a photodynamic (light-curable) polymer system designed to modernize the traditional methods of bone fixation using metal rods and screws.  The system is the first of its kind in the world and presents exciting opportunities for targeting many other areas of anatomy.  
Macrolide Pharmaceuticals

Macrolide Pharmaceuticals focuses on the discovery and development of novel macrolide antibiotics for the treatment of life-threatening bacterial infections caused by drug resistant pathogens. Macrolide Pharmaceuticals' technology is based on unique chemistry developed by Prof. Andrew Myers of Harvard University, who has developed the first practical total synthesis of the macrolide class of antibiotics. The macrolide class is among the most successful antibiotic classes, but it has been limited by semi-synthesis so only a handful of macrolides have been commercialized.

Mission Therapeutics

Uses its knowledge and expertise in DNA repair and associated molecular pathways to discover drug candidates targeting enzymes in the ubiquitin pathways that control cellular responses to DNA damage.

Morphic Therapeutic

Morphic Therapeutic is a biotechnology company developing a new generation of oral integrin therapies founded to translate advances from the laboratory of Timothy A. Springer, Ph.D., the Latham Family Professor at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children's Hospital, into new therapies for immunological, fibrotic, neoplastic and vascular diseases.  Integrins are a ubiquitous family of receptors expresses on the surface of most human cells.

Navitor Pharmaceuticals

Navitor is pioneering the development of novel therapeutics for a wide range of diseases by targeting the primary cellular pathway involved in nutrient signaling and regulation of cell growth and function.

Nimbus Therapeutics

Nimbus Therapeutics harnesses the power of computational chemistry to design breakthroughs for the treatment of substantial and underserved human diseases. The company's focus on metabolic diseases, cancer and immune-inflammatory disorders is driven by its selection of well validated targets that have proven intractable to the approaches taken by others in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Using its unique approach and technological capabilities, Nimbus is rapidly progressing highly selective and potent small molecules through discovery and development.

Nkarta, Therapeutics

Nkarta was founded in 2015 by SR One, NEA and Novo Ventures, based on discoveries by Dr. Dario Campana on the use of Natural Killer Cells to treat cancer. Nkarta is building next generation cell therapies to build on existing standards of care and provide better outcomes for cancer patients.

Palleon Pharmaceuticals

Palleon Pharmaceuticals is the leading biotechnology company focused on developing glycoimmune checkpoint inhibitors to treat cancer.  The company's proprietary Convergence Platform integrates technologies and insights from world leaders in glycoscience and immunology, which will enable the company to develop drugs that address resistance to first generation immune-oncology agents.

Principia BioPharma Inc.

Principia is using its proprietary chemistry platform to design and develop reversible covalent small molecule drugs for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Progenitor Therapeutics

Progenitor Labs is a pioneering regenerative medicine company that develops drugs to regenerate specific tissues of the human body in response to injury, disease or aging. We focus on helping the body cure itself, rather than treating the symptoms of diseases.

Progyny, Inc

Progyny is the leading fertility benefits company that combines service, science, technology and data to provide fertility solutions for self-insured employers.  Progyny's approach offers members a comprehensive value based treatment plan that is based on the latest medical science and technology.  The benefit plans are designed to improve outcomes, shorten time to pregenancy and reduce total fertility-related costs.

Progyny supports all fertility solutions to include IVF, IUI, embryo banking, eff freezing, adoption and surrogacy.

Propeller Health

In 2010 Propeller set out to modernize respiratory medicine, empower people to minimize the impact of asthma and COPD on their daily lives and connect them to their physicians, environment and community. Propeller's information-powered approach to respiratory management guides physicians and patients to the optimal path of therapy for each individual. With connected inhalers, digital interfaces, and real time insights, participants receive personal guidance and expert direction anytime. Propeller is backed by 3M Ventures (NYSE: MMM), S.R. One, Limited, Hikma Ventures (LON: HIK), Safeguard Scientifics (NYSE: SFE), Social Capital and other investors, Propeller has been used by patients with asthma or COPD in over 45 commercial programs across the US at major healthcare systems, payers, employers and other commercial partners. The company has been recognized as the recipient of the American Telemedicine Association's 2016 President's Award for Innovation in Remote Healthcare and as one of the top "Fierce 15" medical device companies in 2015 by FierceMedicalDevices.

PsiOxus Therapeutics, Ltd

PsiOxus Therapeutics Ltd is an Oxford based development stage biotechnology company focused upon cancer therapeutics.  Our lead products are MT-102, a small molecule in phase II for the treatment of cachexia and ColoAd1, which is an oncolytic vaccine in phase I for colorectal cancer and other solid tumors.

Pulmocide Limited

Pulmocide is generating a pipeline of novel, potent first-in-class anti-infective agents for delivery by inhaled administration for the treatment of life-threatening lower respiratory tract viral and fungal infections.  Pulmocide's innovative approach to drug development provides targeted delivery to the lung so that infections can be treated with minimal unwanted systemic effects.  The team has particular expertise in the identification of compounds with optimal characteristics for lung delivery. 


SCYNEXIS delivers integrated, efficient and innovative drug discovery and development solutions to our global health and pharmaceuticals partners.  Our record of success is exemplified by the eleven pre-clinical and clinical candidates delivered to our clients and partners in the last five years.  SCYNEXIS' contract research and development services include Integrated Pharmaceutical Solutions, Discovery Research and Integrated Parasitology. (NASDAQ: SCYX)

Second Genome, Inc.

Second Genome is committed to transforming lives with medicines developed through innovative microbiome science.  Second Genome has established a proprietary, first-in-class microbiome drug discovery platform to develop novel therapeutics for a range of diseases, with an initial pipeline of therapeutic candidates for inflammatory bowel and metabolic diseases.  Our development pipeline is fuled by novel technologies for identifying, screening, and scientifically validating product candidates through a comprehensive understanding of host-microbe interaction and the resulting implications in driving health and disease.  Second Genome is also a leader in providing microbiome profiling analysis services for a broad range of industries.

Spero Therapeutics

Spero Therapeutics is developing a pipeline of novel therapies to treat highly resistant bacterial infections.  The company's lead program employs a first in class mechanism targeting bacterial virulence and persistence.  The approach has the potential to reduce the morbidity caused by severe drug resistant infections while limiting impact on commensal bacteria and evolution of resistance compared to traditional antibiotics. 

Thrasos Therapeutics


Thrasos Therapeutics is a private, clinical stage, biotherapeutics company focused on the discovery and development of targeted therapies for the prevention and treatment of kidney disease. The company is advancing therapeutic programs, led by THR-184, for renal diseases, including acute kidney injury (AKI) and chronic kidney disease (CKD). Thrasos' drug candidates have been shown to be orally active and protect, repair and restore cell and tissue function in the kidney and other organs.

TP Therapeutics, Inc.

TP Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical-stage structure-based drug design company for the discovery and development of precision medicines for cancer and other diseases.  We are focusing on the design of novel chemical identities for established oncogene drivers with secondary resistant mutations, newly identified disease-driven targets, and potential targets regulating tumor microenvironment and tumor immunity.

Tranquis Therapeutics, Inc
  • 2017
  • Palo Alto, CA, USA
  • SR One: Rajeev Dadoo

Tranquis has discovered that altered metabolism of brain myeloid cells underlies a variety of diseases - eg., Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson's Disease (PD), Alzheimer's Disease (AD), Autism, Seizure Disorders and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Oral administration of the company's lead compound, T-168, corrects one such alteration and ameliorates disease in experimental animal models of ALS, PD and AD.

Translate Bio

Translate Bio (fka RaNA) is a leading biotechnology company focused on pioneering the translation of RNA science into therapeutics promoting healthy gene expression in people living with debilitating genetic diseases.  The company's RNA platform for powering endogenous therapeutic protein production is applicable to a broad range of diseases including rare diseases of the liver, lung and central nervous system (CNS).

VHsquared Ltd

VHsquared Ltd, a Cambridge UK based clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, is developing oral biologics for local immuno-inflammatory targets in the GI tract.

The company has a pipeline of GI stable orally delivered domain antibodies - Vorabodies - to treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) with the lead, V565 in clinical development for Crohn's disease.

ZappRx, Inc.

ZappRx revolutionizes the way specialty medications are managed, from order initiation to therapy administration.  Engaging each stakeholder via a secure and collaborative online platform enables patients, physicians, pharmacists and manufacturers to electronically process specialty prescription information - reducing adminstrative bottlenecks and expediting medication  orders.